An adequate treatment of patients with a clotting risk, results in less strokes and pulmonary embolisms. Besides the high cost, these complications have a big impact on patient health and wellbeing.

The Portavita Anticoagulation software supports every type of VKA Treatment as well as managing the New Oral Anticoagulation (NOAC) therapy. Blood values can be analysed by a Point of Care device or a lab.


Health of people requires good cooperation between patients and their involved practitioners, irrespective of time and place.


Portavita Integrated Care System (ICS), our web-based solution for prevention, treatment and healthcare management in a coordinated way. The patients and all involved practitioners use the underlying Electronic Health Record.

We provide a co-operation platform to support primary processes, patient self-management and healthcare organisations with their reporting, research and financial-data needs. Our solution has an integrated messaging system, an authorisation and workflow engine and e-Learning modules.

Input of leading medical professionals and their patients is the basis for the current modules of the system: Anticoagulation, Asthma/COPD, Cardiovascular Risk Management, Diabetes and Elderly Care.


Portavita solutions support thousands of medical organisations since 2002. Currently our Dutch, German, Russian and South American customers support over 500.000 patients. They work in a multi-organisational and multi-disciplinary setting. Within these healthcare organisations, 10.000 medical professionals and over 100.000 participating self-management patients use our online solution on a daily basis. These organisations achieve over 80% of patients, treated with Oral AC, to be in their therapeutic range (TTR). In most countries worldwide this is on average 10% lower*. Many countries are performing even seriously lower at higher cost per monitored patient. *German study of Dr. Koerte, a German study of dr. Hortkotte and a large retrospective study of Dr. Boulanger in the United States.

Success factor

Key in the success of our solutions is the ability to support the local way you work and comply to local laws and medical protocols. Our anticoagulation module is fully scalable, so you can start with only a few users, and extend the number of users and patients as you grow. Potential Anticoagulation models are:

  • A self-measuring and/or self-dosing anticoagulation patient;
  • A local practitioner measuring the INR, adding remarks and dosing locally;
  • The local patient, nurse and or doctor can involve a regional, national or international (dosing) expert centre for advice and or dosing.

Anticoagulation cooperation models


Cooperation models anticoagulation

With Portavita Anticoagulation Self-management the patient can access the web-based portal to enter the INR and a remark for the health professional and will get a dosing scheme.


Amongst others our partners are Philips Healthcare, Roche Diagnostics and Deutsche Telekom Health Solutions.

Research & Innovation

Portavita supports an eco system of building medical protocol supportive software, gathering results of the medical treatments and sharing this medical data for Research and Analytics. The improvements and refinements are again input for the medical protocols.

An overview:

Quality and privacy

  • Portavita is ISO 13485:2003 certified since 22 January 2014.
  • Portavita is compliant with the European medical device directive 93/42/EEC (CE label)
  • Portavita complies with the Dutch and German Personal Data Protection Acts.
  • For the Russian market we have a Roszdravnazor registration certificate.

Business Model

Together with our local partner we organise a total solution, including medical care providers responsible for the treatment, devices, medication, reimbursement, Standard Operation Procedures, education and ICT. Portavita offers its platform on a “pay per use” basis. One-time investments are related to translation, local hosting, training and potential adaption to the local protocols.

Dubai as a medical hub

For the wider UAE area a concept with a central hub in Dubai as a knowledge/expert/dosing centre, offloading the physical medical institutions, could play an important role in improving the quality of patient health in close cooperation with local care providers.

We look for Partners

Do you see an opportunity for improved patient treatment, a business case, using the Portavita Integrated Care System? Our Platform can be an add-on for applications that you already use, or it might offer you the possibility to collaborate on a specific clinical picture. Or perhaps it could support you in the improvement of the treatment of patients who live in rural areas. Just feel free to contact us to discuss how we can help realise your goals.

Evert Jan Hoijtink Founder & CEO
+31 652 523 541 [mobile]