23-07-2014 On the 23rd of July, the first 5 patients with diabetes type 2 have been recruited to run the trials of FP7 project COMMODITY12. 15 more will follow. For the length of 1 month and a half, the patients will submit their glucose, blood pressure, ECG, breathing  and activity physiological values to COMMODITY12 that will store these data and analyse them, providing alerts to the medical doctors if any event of interest happens. At the end of the trial, blood samples of the patients will be collected and sent to the Institute Pasteur de Lille, where the samples will be genotyped to discover the gene variants of the patients. This is the first time that such a rich set of physiological values is put in relationship with the gene variants of diabetes type 2. Such a study will allow to assess the benefits of personal health systems within chronic diseases such as diabetes type 2.