Specialised outpatient palliative care is focused on terminally ill patients with a limited life expectancy, which is a particularly complex type of care.

The objective of this palliative care is to maintain the quality of life and self-determination of patients who are in the last phase of life and to improve these aspects and enable them to live a decent life in their familiar home environment.

The Portavita EHR Palliative Module supports the coordination in various cooperation scenarios around the terminally ill patients . All parties who are involved in the care and nursing of the patient can have direct access to the data, as it is available on any device at any time and place. With regard to the rules on data protection service providers only have access to the information they need in their work. Using the system is simple and intuitive.

All those involved in the care of the terminally ill patient can be authorised to add specific information or documentation. The level of authorisation depends on the different roles and responsibilities allocated to the relevant healthcare providers. This allows you to delegate specific tasks to those parties who are most appropriate to carry out such tasks.

Advantages of the Palliative Module:

  • The monitor screen shows the condition of a patient at a glance.
  • It offers a structured way of recording relevant data.
  • As soon as data from an examination has been put into the module, it is available in real time for other authorised users.
  • The Portavita ICS Palliative Module can be used on any device at any time from any place.
  • Structured forms (base form, week form, medication schedule, team meetings, consultations sheet, individual care plan, etc.) can be used for the rapid collection of data. The use of these forms also allows you to analyse statistical information. External documents can be attached.
  • The workflow module allows the delegation of tasks - even across all institutions - and assists in the coordination of the planning.
  • Diagnosis and medication plan can be documented.
  • There is an integrated message function to support communication.
  • Blood testing results can be easily added.
  • The upload function allows you to upload PDF-documents.
  • The modules also have an integrated archiving solution.