Amsterdam, 16 March 2017 – Portavita, the market leader in software for supporting healthcare collaboration, offers a next-generation Health Management Platform that supports individualised care and collaboration in the region and facilitates management of patient populations.

The Portavita Health Management Platform meets the need to organise care from a patient’s perspective, to provide value-driven care where it really makes a difference, to take timely action when it seems there is a major risk of complications, and to put an end to the fragmentation in the healthcare sector. Portavita has developed this platform from their experience as provider of an integrated information system and based on current demand in the healthcare sector. It is easy to upgrade the system with new applications, should they be required in the future.

The Portavita Health Management Platform consists of:

  • A Collaborative Platform, suitable for multiple stakeholders who frequently share information and provide joint integrated care. The platform also meets the need for quick response to regional innovations, to support new care paths and to be able to connect more regional care parties. The Collaborative Platform consists of Disease Management Programs (e.g. Diabetes, Anticoagulants, CVRM and Asthma/COPD) and Population Management Programs (e.g. Geriatric Care). It also provides options to quickly add Population Management Programs based on generic functionalities and results of data analyses.
  • An Analysis environment, with options to analyse and select cohorts, from which patient information can be stored from multiple sources. The data originates from the Portavita system and, for instance, from hospital information systems (HIS, ZIS, Lab etc.). The data in the Business Intelligence (BI) environment can also be used in an advanced research environment. The Analysis environment can provide standard reports for InEen and NHG accreditation.
  • An e-Health environment for the patient that makes it possible to gain insight and share experiences in their personal treatment file by using, amongst other things, a communication module. In addition, patients can use third party apps and e-Health applications.

Edo Westerhuis, Director of Product Development at Portavita: ‘With this platform, we can provide flexible support with regard to the need for collaboration in districts and regions. Each population can be defined in the platform based on available data and be accepted for treatment and/or monitoring. It provides GPs with options to increase their efficiency with regard to their gatekeeper responsibilities. This will enable care groups to develop themselves from integrated care providers into individualised care providers.’